Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Super Bowl is over...

And the Giants won! Amazing. It was a great game and a great team took home the title.

Bettors also cleaned up this Super Bowl. So many people bet the Giants to win against the spread and straight up that Vegas lost money for the first time in years.

Personally, I lost money this Super Bowl. I bet the Patriots to win straight up, so I lost a ton of money. The odds were about 3.5 - 1, so I had to pay 3.5 times the amount that I bet. I thought it was a great Super Bowl bet, but obviously, I was dead wrong. Now, I'm taking the under dogs more seriously from now on.

After all, 2 years ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl and they were underdogs too. That game was crazy though, and a lot of bettors still think that the Seahawks should have won that game. The refs made some really bad calls and seemed to do everything possible to hand the Steelers that game. It was a little ridiculous.

What bets did i win this year?
I won the bet on the coin toss.
I won the bet on the first player to score a touchdown.
I lost the bet on the first quarterback to throw a touchdown.
I won the team to lead at the end of the first half, even though I lost the team to who won the Super Bowl.

Overall, I did okay this Super Bowl. I made a lot of bets, and could have lost more than a few of them. As luck woulf have it, I won enough of my Super Bowl bets, so that I didn;t loss my shirt!

Of course, I placed most of my bets online. A friend of mine uses a local bookie, so I did place a bet though him just to try it. I have to say, it's kind of a pain in the ass. You have to call the guy on the phone, and then meet up with him after the game to collect your money or pay him off.

Personally, I like betting the Super Bowl online much more. Betting online is so easy. You can get the odds on hundreds aof wagers without ever leaving you house. You can look up the odds in your underware if you want!

Anyway, even though I lost money this year, I had a great time watching the Super Bowl. And that's what it is really all about. I hope you had a great time too.