Sunday, December 03, 2006

Chicago Bears still great betting value despite QB controversy

The Chicago Bears as of December 3 were listed with 9 to 2 odds to win the 2007 Super Bowl. For all you folks who are not math wizards, that's a $450 payout for every $100 bet should they win the title.

The only thing getting in the way of a Super Bowl win might just be the current quarterback controversy. Chicago's record suggests this is a stellar team, yet Grossman's performance over the past weeks has a lot of Bears fans concerned that he will not be able to carry the team through the post season.

Don Pompei makes some excellent points in his Sporting News piece this week:

"It's true Grossman has been inconsistent lately. In fact, he has consistently made a couple of puzzling decisions in every game.

"But the fact remains he still represents the Bears' best chance to get to the Super Bowl. Some have called for Brian Griese to replace him. It's possible Griese could propel the Bears higher. When Griese gets on a tear, he can play with anyone. But he's not always on a tear, which is the reason he's a backup who has been allowed to leave Denver, Miami and Tampa.

"We haven't seen all Grossman can be yet. Though he's been in the NFL four seasons, he has only started 18 games in his life. It's certainly too early to say he isn't the answer. The Bears are doing the right thing by being patient with Grossman and remaining committed to him.

"When Grossman has been good, he's been very, very good. And he's been good more often than he's been bad."