Friday, January 05, 2007

Philadelphia Eagles Pay Out Big to Win 2007 Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles would pay $1200 for every $100 bet

It's that time of year again...The NFL Playoffs!

Aside from the Super Bowl favorite Chargers, the Eagles have the longest winning streak heading into the postseason. Their run to the playoffs has been quite remarkable to say the least. Once Donavan McNabb was lost for the season way back in week11 versus the Titans, there were very few people in Philly that believed this team could make the playoffs let alone win their fifth NFC East title in six years. Even with McNabb, arguably the team’s best player, the Eagles were struggling mightily and didn’t look anything like a playoff team.

Prior to the Titans loss, the Birds dropped three of their previous four despite being the favorites in each game. Obviously a huge reason for their late season rally has been the reemergence of Jeff Garcia as a top flight QB. Since taking over the QB duties, Garcia has completed 62% of his passes while throwing 10 touchdowns to 2 interceptions. Garcia’s familiarity with the West Coast offense obviously made his transition to starter that much easier.

Anyone that has watched the Eagles play during their recent streak can tell that they are playing with a “nothing to lose” attitude. This is something that Eagles’ fans have not noticed in recent years. With expectations so high in previous years, the consensus has been that the Eagles choked in Conference Championship games versus the Buccaneers and Panthers. Even when they finally made the Super Bowl two seasons ago, their fourth quarter antics gave Eagles’ fans that “choked up” feeling again. Maybe this “nothing to lose” attitude fits the Eagles better than their usual role as favorites. This role obviously worked for the other team in Pennsylvania last year as they experienced similar postseason disappointments in years prior.

The best part of all is if you were to bet the Philadelphia Eagles to win the 2007 Super Bowl heading into the Wildcard Weekend, the payout odds were listed at 12/1 (or a $1200 payout for every $100 bet). Get your bets in now to lock in these great odds. odds to win the Super Bowl:

Ravens 4-1

Bears 9-2

Cowboys 25-1

Colts 8-1

Chiefs 50-1

Patriots 9-1

Saints 6-1

Giants 40-1

Jets 50-1

Eagles 12-1

Chargers 5-2

Seahawks 20-1

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