Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super Bowl 2009 in Tampa in only 3 weeks away!

That's right! The Super Bowl is right around the corner and now is probably the perfect time to open up an online sports book account in order to bet on the Big Game. The four team left are the Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers. One of these will be the winner of the Super Bowl, and I know that if these were one of my teams, I'd like to have some money on them.

The current lines for this weekend are:

Philadelphia Eagles -4
Arizona Cardinals +4

Baltimore Ravens +6
Pittsburgh Steelers -6

The odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII are:
Arizona Cardinals 5/1
Baltimore Ravens 4/1
Philadelphia Eagles 2/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 8/5

It looks like Arizona is still the long shot, but just last week they were 30-1. What a difference one game makes, huh?

So betting the Super Bowl online can be fun and easy. #1. Betting on football is fun. #2 Betting sports online is much easier than jumping on a plane and betting in Las Vegas. #3 You can sit naked at your computer and bet on the Super Bowl... you don't even have to wear pants.

Anyway, there is still 3 weeks to the big game, and we will be back to update you with all the odds of all the bets that you can make on the Super Bowl. All the spreads, totals and prop bets will be updated here immediately after this weekend. We're looking forward to it!